About : Amy Beth Crowe

+ Lives on Maui

+Mom of 2 Elementary Age Kiddos - Wife - Daughter - Sister

+Episcopal Priest

+Board Certified Hospital Chaplain with APC

+Labyrinth lover and Facilitator through Veriditas

+Member of Rotary  

+Walks, Sprints, and Lifts to keep moving

Born and raised in Wilmington, Delaware and spending summers in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware I developed a passion for the beach. After completing a BA from Eastern College in Pennsylvania and a Master of Divinity from Princeton Theological Seminary, I landed in Honolulu participating in Clinical Pastoral Education with Pacific Health Ministry. The two years of my CPE residency I knew I wanted to do my ministry in Hawaii yet there were no openings at the time. I headed back to the East Coast and brought closure and opened doors before my final move to Hawaii in 2006.   After briefly living on Oahu and Kauai, Maui called me, and it became home. Landing my dream job as a full time Hospital Chaplain then couple years later meeting my husband life took off... with ordination into the Diocese of Hawaii, the births of two children, and 5 years as a priest of a church and the call back to hospital ministry. When I was called back to the hospital in January 2020, little did I know why I felt the nudge back to ministry in the healthcare setting.

Covid hit us 2 months later!

I can now add I am a survivor of Covid-19 though navigating my way through long haul covid. I served tirelessly through the Covid-19 pandemic as a hospital chaplain and did not contract covid till June 4, 2022.  I am still recovering from brain fog and fatigue. I want to be a voice of many who are suffering silently behind their masks with long covid symptoms. What does life look like on the other side of having acute covid? How does one carry on when one finds themselves from being perfectly healthy and fully energized to finding themselves with limitations?

Three things to keep in mind - listen to the body, find a spiritual tool, and REST!

I look forward to this dialogue together. Maybe you found this site and you get it, or you know someone who is searching for how to navigate through long covid.   Pass on the message because we are a community of healing or at least finding our way together. Covid isolates us enough and so we do not have to let the long haul covid isolate us further.

Let your voice speak!